When Is A Diesel Engine Overhaul Required?

Published on 03/22/2022

when is a diesel engine overhaul required

A diesel engine overhaul is necessary to keep your diesel engine running smoothly for the life of your truck. A well-maintained diesel engine can last a minimum of 10 years and potentially longer when you follow a routine maintenance program with regular oil and fluid changes as necessary. A diesel engine overhaul can help restore full power and functionality when you notice a decrease in performance.

If you think your diesel truck is ready for an engine overhaul, call (925) 522-1780 today for superior mobile truck repair by All Bay Diesel in Berkeley, CA. Their licensed and certified mechanics are authorized to work on Duramax Diesel, Detroit, Paccar, and Volvo diesel engines.

Diesel Engine Wear And Tear

Diesel engines are best for pulling heavy loads over long distances. The engines can handle the added weight while still providing the torque necessary to maintain normal speeds. While every truck will have a recommended engine overhaul date based on mileage, the amount of wear and tear your diesel truck goes through on a daily basis will determine when an engine overhaul is necessary.

During a diesel engine overhaul, the top and bottom sections of an engine are dismantled and given a thorough cleaning and inspection. The mechanic inspects each part for damage and replaces them as necessary. They will replace liners, liner O-rings, ring sets, pistons, and wrist pins, plus the mechanic will replace all gaskets during the diesel engine overhaul.

At All Bay Diesel, our certified mechanics will perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your diesel engine and give you our expert recommendations for repairing your engine. Maintenance plans are available to properly maintain your diesel trucks and keep them on the road where they belong.

Signs Your Diesel Engine Is Ready For An Overhaul

If you do not have a routine maintenance plan for your diesel trucks, there are several signs to look for that indicate an engine overhaul is necessary. Metal shavings or sludge in your oil, excessive exhaust smoke, and compression loss are early warning signs that your diesel engine needs service or repair.

Other signs that your truck is ready for a diesel engine overhaul include:

High blowby is a sign of a diesel engine overhaul

Blowby occurs when the compressed fuel and air mixture leaks past the piston and into the crankshaft, causing a buildup of gas pressure. This reduces engine performance and fuel efficiency. Another sign of high blowby is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.

Excessive oil or coolant use

If you notice your diesel truck is using more oil and coolant recently, it may be a sign of an oil leak, cracked cylinder gasket or head, or faulty O-rings and cylinder liners. A certified diesel mechanic can spot excessive oil and coolant usage through regular maintenance and recommend an engine overhaul to find the problem and fix it.

High miles and low fuel efficiency

If your truck has high mileage, you may experience poor fuel efficiency. All diesel engines will require a complete engine overhaul during their lifetime. Use your diesel truck manufacturer recommended guidelines for when you should get an overhaul based on the number of miles.

Working with a professional team of diesel mechanics can help you spot potential problems and fix them before they become costly and slow down your business, such as:

Spun bearings

Spun bearings typically seize around the crankshaft due to heavy operating loads and lubrication loss in the crankshaft. This can lead to a broken rod, which can cause significant engine damage.

Low to no oil pressure

When you have fuel or coolant leaking in a diesel engine, it can cause your oil pressure to drop considerably. The only way to find the leak is through a complete engine overhaul.

Dropped valve

The cylinders in a diesel engine move up and down rapidly to help drive your diesel truck forward. When a cylinder head is bent or damaged, it can shear off and fall into the cylinder, leading to catastrophic damage to the piston-cylinder-valve system.

Call Us For Your Diesel Engine Overhaul

Your business relies on the performance and longevity of your diesel trucks. To keep your trucks on the road and running at peak performance, you need the service and reliability of a professional diesel repair company that dedicates itself to keeping your diesel trucks functioning at their full capacity.

All Bay Diesel’s diesel engine repair services include:

  • Mobile truck repair
  • Check engine light
  • Allison transmission repair
  • Mobile and electrical diagnostics
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulics

Our bumper-to-bumper service, plus full PM maintenance plans, can keep your fleet of diesel trucks performing at their best for the life of your vehicles. For reliable diesel truck service and repair, call All Bay Diesel today at (925) 522-1780 to schedule your diesel engine overhaul and learn more about our routine maintenance plans.

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