How Important Is Regular Maintenance For A Diesel Truck?

Published on 03/08/2022

how important is regular maintenance for a diesel truck

Regular maintenance on a diesel truck is essential to keep your trucks on the road and working for you, not against you. On average, replacing a diesel engine can cost between $15,000 and $25,000, depending on the type of engine. A routine maintenance plan for your diesel trucks will save you money and help you avoid costly engine replacements and the potential loss of business or reputation.

Your business relies on the functionality of your equipment and the well-being of your employees. You wouldn’t let an employee work while sick, and neither should your diesel trucks. At All Bay Diesel, we offer unmatched industry-leading commercial fleet repair services in Berkeley and the surrounding areas. Call (925) 522-1780 today to learn more about our diesel truck services and routine maintenance plans.

A Poorly Running Diesel Truck Will Cost You More $$$

Diesel engines use compression in a combustion chamber to ignite the fuel instead of a spark, like in gasoline engines. The compression pushes oil and other lubricants at high speeds to keep engine parts from overheating and keep seals from cracking and leaking. Over time, the engine oil will turn into sludge and affect the performance of your diesel engine.

This sludge can damage seals and engine parts if you do not replace lubricants, filters, and fuel injectors regularly. 

Maintaining your diesel truck will cost more, but making an investment in maintaining your fleet will save you money in the long run. A well-maintained diesel truck can last 500,000-800,000 miles or more with routine maintenance and service. At All Bay Diesel, we will base your maintenance plan on your truck’s manufacturer recommendations and the type of work you do.

We may suggest more or less frequent maintenance to keep up with the wear and tear your diesel trucks go through daily.

Routine Maintenance For Diesel Trucks

With regular maintenance on a diesel truck, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly for decades. During routine maintenance for diesel trucks, all moving parts and seals will get a complete inspection, which includes: 

Fuel filters

Most diesel engines have two fuel filters to remove impurities and microscopic debris. When the filters are dirty, it can prevent fuel from getting to the combustion chamber and affect the performance, fuel economy, and risk damaging seals and engine parts.

Fuel injection

The fuel injection system consists of four to eight injectors depending on your motor type. The injectors can create fuel pressure up to 36,000 PSI. Any debris or impurities such as water can damage the injectors, which can cost between $350-$850 per injector.

Engine cleaning

Cleaning your engine is an important step in maintaining your diesel trucks. Routine maintenance will include engine cleaning to help keep your diesel trucks running smoothly and efficiently.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system performs two functions. It keeps your diesel truck running smoothly and is vital for keeping toxic chemicals out of our environment. During routine maintenance, your exhaust system will get a complete inspection for rust inside the pipe and around crucial components.

Cooling system

Diesel engines use a closed-loop jacket-type cooling system that absorbs heat from cylinders and other engine components. This keeps them from cracking under the intense heat diesel engines produce. If there is a leak anywhere in the system, you risk running your diesel truck at higher temperatures, leading to a fatal engine break.

Your diesel truck brakes

Routine maintenance on your brake system will flush out and replace brake fluids and worn pads as necessary. If your braking system is suspect, you are putting your employees and civilians at risk, which you will be liable for if you do not follow a routine maintenance plan.

The amount of wear and tear you put on your diesel trucks will determine the level of maintenance required. For diesel trucks under constant use in the worst conditions like mud, rough roads, and extreme temperatures, they will need more frequent engine maintenance.

Call Today For Service And Repair On Your Diesel Trucks

Your diesel trucks are critical for the success of your business. Don’t risk losing money and customers by not having your diesel trucks maintained by professional diesel mechanics. We have the training and experience necessary to maintain your fleet of diesel trucks and keep them on the road where they belong.

Our team of fleet maintenance and repair experts can help your diesel fleet with: 

  • Mobile truck repair
  • Brakes and hydraulics
  • Cooling systems
  • Full PM maintenance
  • Mobile opacity testing
  • Bumper-to-bumper service

 Our mechanics are authorized to work on Volvo, Paccar, Detroit, and Duramax diesel engines. For the best diesel truck repair in Berkeley and all your diesel-powered vehicles, call All Bay Diesel today at (925) 522-1780 to speak with our courteous staff about regular maintenance on a diesel truck.

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