Diesel Engine Oil Change Basics

Published on 05/19/2022

diesel engine oil change basics

If you own a truck with a diesel engine, you know how different your vehicle is from a standard gas-running car. However, all trucks need routine upkeep, so you must understand the importance of regular maintenance for diesel trucks. One essential aspect of your maintenance routine should be a diesel engine oil change.

The Basics Of Regular Diesel Engine Oil Change

Consider the guide below to learn more about oil changes for diesel engines. If you need to schedule the service for your vehicle, turn to All Bay Diesel, Berkeley, CA’s world-class mobile truck repair service.

The importance of a diesel engine oil change

Diesel oil is responsible for cooling, protecting, and lubricating various metal parts within a diesel engine. Over time, the oil will collect dirt, dust, moisture, and other contaminants that reduce its lubrication and protective properties. Your truck could experience serious mechanical issues if the oil level drops too low or becomes overly contaminated.

Without sufficient quality oil flowing through your diesel engine, your truck will likely experience performance issues. Dirt and debris can thicken diesel oil and cause it to clog around engine components. As a result, the parts will struggle to work correctly.

Scheduling a regular diesel engine oil change will keep your truck’s engine running smoothly for a longer time.

Ideal diesel engine oil change intervals

A gas-operated truck likely gets a standard oil change once every 3,000 miles or three months if it's an older model. Newer cars and trucks can last up to 6,000 miles or six months before needing an oil change. However, vehicles with diesel engines typically won’t follow that schedule because of how those trucks operate.

In many cases, diesel-powered trucks and cars can last a long time without an oil change. However, their longevity depends on several factors:

  • The location where you frequently drive the vehicle
  • Whether you often haul heavy loads, like a trailer
  • Your choice of conventional, synthetic blend, or full synthetic diesel oil

Considering those factors will help you determine when to schedule your diesel engine oil changes. For instance, you may need to change your oil more frequently if you regularly drive your car or truck around your community at moderate speeds. When a diesel engine runs at lower speeds and temperatures, the oil collects contaminants quicker.

The same rule applies to hauling heavy loads. Towing heavy loads can weigh your truck down, causing it to travel more slowly on the roads. As a result, you might need to schedule the oil change more often.

If you are unsure what is best for your specific engine type and model, always refer to your vehicle owner’s manual. It will have the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule for the engine.

How to change diesel engine oil

Though you might not follow the same oil change schedule as a gas-operated vehicle, your diesel engine’s oil change follows a similar process. The mechanic will run the car or truck for a few minutes to warm and loosen the oil. Then they will use tools to remove the drain plug and let the oil flow into a drain pan.

When the old oil is gone, the mechanic will remove the oil filter and gasket, install new ones, and restore the plug. Finally, they will fill the engine with the appropriate diesel oil.

The oil options include:

  • Conventional diesel oil: This oil originates from crude oil and offers excellent lubrication for engines at high temperatures.
  • Synthetic blend diesel oil: This option incorporates conventional and synthetic oils to provide exceptional engine protection and improved performance.
  • Full synthetic diesel engine oil: This oil has a complex molecular structure and additives with no impurities to provide optional protection and performance.

Should You Change Your Diesel Engines Oil At Home?

Because oil changes for diesel and gas-powered engines are the same, you might assume you can change the oil at home yourself. However, this project is not always the best step to take.

When you get a routine diesel engine oil change at a reputable auto shop, you will likely receive a high level of care and service. The auto mechanic will expertly change the oil and offer recommendations on oil replacement types.

They may also provide additional assistance to improve your engine’s performance. For instance, a mechanic may check your truck’s cabin and air filters, top-off other essential auto fluids, and recycle your old oil filter.

Still, think a diesel engine oil change is something you can do at home? Consider professional oil changes for the following reasons:

Increased convenience

To properly change your truck’s oil, you need the right supplies and enough time to complete the process. For instance, you must learn how to locate and identify your vehicle’s oil, buy the oil, change the oil using the right tools, and clean up all messes. It is easier and more convenient to leave the task to professionals who perform oil changes often.

Reduced risk

Something could go wrong any time you work on your car’s engine. Without the right experience and knowledge, you could damage an engine component without realizing it or overlook a problem. Therefore, you’ll likely experience a drop in vehicle performance and costly repairs.

It is always best to allow experienced professionals to change your diesel engine’s oil. They are more likely to do the job correctly and not damage anything. For instance, they won’t overlook a fluid leak, use the wrong oil, or be careless during the oil change process.

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