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Timely diesel repair is the simplest thing anyone can do to keep a diesel engine car or truck at optimum performance. A diesel automobile has unmatched reliability compared to other models, and keeping that kind of torque takes very little effort from a vehicle owner. All you need is regular maintenance services from professionals like All Bay Diesel for a truck or car that cruises off into the California sunset.
The experts at All Bay Diesel know the value of an efficient vehicle, whether it needs a minor repair or a major rework. Diesel problems keep us in business, and one thing we know is that a prompt repair is always a more cost-effective one. Don’t wait to call us; a vehicle’s diesel engine is a complex and delicate system, and the team at All Bay Diesel offers quick, affordable solutions.
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Mobile Car and Truck Repair

Customers call us for reliable diesel repair in Berkeley and the surrounding areas, whether after a fender bender or something more serious. Our team comes to your location with a mobile repair shop that travels around Berkeley, CA. Our day consists of helping California’s car and truck owners get their vehicles back on the road; we are only a phone call away.
If you find yourself stuck on the curb after an accident or in need of fast service at home, All Bay Diesel dispatches responsive mobile car and truck repair services to help you out. We are proud to help Berkeley diesel engine owners avoid a trip to the shop or a hefty tow bill. That’s why our mobile repair facility addresses more than just car and truck repair—we cover:
mobile car and truck repair berkeley
Hydraulic system services
Bumper-to-bumper services
PM maintenance
Allison transmissions
Electrical diagnostics
After-treatment system services
Welding and fabrication services
Vehicle AC services
What type of diesel engine or automobile service do you need? The team at All Bay Diesel can handle it, and we would love to tell you more about our innovative local service.
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Check Engine Light

When the check engine light flashes, ignoring it is a natural response for most people. However, indicators tend to serve a useful purpose in keeping an engine in peak condition, and it is best to check in with our friendly professionals. Ignoring a minor issue can quickly escalate into an expensive auto repair.
A check engine light might indicate that:
Ignition coils or spark plugs need replacing
There is a loose gas cap
The engine needs a new thermostat
Fuel injectors, airflow sensors, or catalytic converters need attention
One tip is to check the gas cap for signs that it is loose, a common reason why a check engine light could be flashing. Tightening the gas cap is a quick and easy fix, but if the light stays on, All Bay Diesel should take a look at the vehicle. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and provide an effective repair as soon as possible.

Fleet Maintenance

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles is a challenging yet necessary task. The fleet vehicles should be ready for long road trips if business operations are to take advantage of this resource, but the drivers' safety remains the top priority. At All Bay Diesel, our team offers comprehensive fleet maintenance services to ensure commercial vehicles are ready to hit the road.
Fleet Maintenance
Aside from avoiding expensive repairs, professional fleet maintenance from our experienced diesel repair team offers several benefits, including:

Full Compliance

On top of vehicle safety and efficient business operations, fleet managers in Berkeley must also comply with various state and federal regulations. The team at All Bay Diesel fully understands California’s complexities, and our service helps the fleet stay in compliance with these regulations to the last detail. Regular fleet maintenance by our professional crew is an excellent way to avoid a headache and earn higher safety scores from surprise inspections.

Safer Vehicles

The priority for businesses across all industries is worker safety, and commercial vehicle drivers should not need to face increased risk on the road. A critical part of All Bay Diesel's fleet management checklist is maintaining the brakes. Studies like those at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) indicate around 27% of commercial vehicle accidents result from faulty brakes, and we take that concern seriously.

Lower Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Saving money on routine costs shouldn't require shortcuts, which is why All Bay Diesel works hard to provide thorough inspections and lasting solutions. We aim to identify problems early and prevent future issues. Our proactive approach helps our Berkeley customers lower their maintenance costs and minimize the need for repairs.
For example, simple maintenance practices like frequent oil and filter changes significantly reduce fuel costs. Every diesel repair comes with checks like fresh oil and oil filters because we know that improving fuel efficiency reduces related expenses.

Auto Repair

All Bay Diesel's Berkeley diesel repair services address a wide range of auto repair needs. Here are a few areas where we excel:
From old brake pads to rotor issues, All Bay Diesel offers effective brake repairs to improve the overall safety of your vehicle.
Oil changes
Frequent oil changes are critical for proper vehicle maintenance. Our oil change services are fast, effective, and can help extend the life of your engine.
Whether you need patchwork or a whole new tire, we can help you pick the right size and brand for your vehicle.
Coolant systems
Your coolant system is a critical component of your engine. We provide system flushes and radiator services to protect your heavy-duty engine effectively.
Electrical components: The electrical systems of your automobile are incredibly delicate. Our technicians have the necessary tools and skills to repair your electrical components safely.
Fuel systems: A fuel filter needs frequent replacements to protect the efficiency of the engine and save long-term.
Whether it is battery charging or starter repairs, All Bay Diesel ensures the car or truck's ignition system is ready to go.
Transmission repairs are often complex, but the experts at All Bay Diesel provide a comprehensive and effective repair that our customers find reliable.
Air conditioning systems
California’s heat means that when a vehicle's air conditioning system goes wrong, a quick repair is essential. Let us keep the cool air flowing; no diesel repair delays are worth wasting time away from the gorgeous California summer.
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