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As California residents, we understand the importance of having a high-functioning vehicle to get from one place to another. Your vehicle’s Allison transmission is one of the most essential elements in keeping your car or truck running smoothly. A poorly maintained transmission will lead to a noticeable decrease in the quality and safety of your ride.

Our mobile repair team at All Bay Diesel can help with your Allison transmission repair, service, and maintenance needs. Reach out to us, and we’ll come to you! 

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Why is The Transmission Important?

The transmission is the bridge moving the power between your vehicle's engine and wheels. Transmissions consist of 5-6 gear sets and gear trains, so this gearbox is one of the most important parts of your car since it adjusts the gear ratio as the car increases or decreases in speed.

The transmission allows you, as the driver, to control how much power your vehicle receives. Transmissions can be manual (often called stick-shift) or automatic. In essence, your car’s transmission ensures that the engine spins at the proper rate in relation to your speed.

Automatic transmissions rely on a torque converter to switch gears depending on how far you are pushing the acceleration pedal and the speed your car is going. Manual transmissions require the use of a clutch and a gearshift, enabling the driver to change gears while accelerating and decelerating.

Without a transmission, your car would be completely unreliable and extremely difficult to start and stop. The transmission essentially stops the engine from self-destructing while allowing you to maintain complete control of your car.

For this important reason, it is vital to have regular maintenance on the transmission for your own safety as well as that of your passengers.

Why We Choose Allison Transmission

Founded in 1915, Allison Transmission, an American company that manufactures commercial-duty automatic transmissions, is the world’s largest automatic transmission maker. They are fully automatic transmissions engineered with the highest quality. Any vehicle can use an Allison transmission, whether it’s for agricultural equipment, construction equipment, an RV or motorhome, or an everyday car or truck!

Allison Transmission’s patented Continuous Power Technology™ in their transmissions allows for smooth, unhindered gear shifting, premium ability to start and stop reliably, and high-performance speed control.

At All Bay Diesel, our team specializes in servicing Allison transmissions of all sizes and models. As a mobile shop that offers Allison-authorized services with genuine Allison parts, we can ensure that your vehicle will run at peak performance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ll come to your site for your Allison transmission repair.

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Taking Care of Your Transmission

The best thing you can do to make your Allison transmission last is by ensuring you change your transmission fluid! Failure to keep up with the maintenance can lead to transmission failure. Our team at All Bay Diesel can check your transmission fluid levels and change or flush the fluid if needed.
Automatic transmissions need a specific fluid optimized for it: automatic transmission fluid, including Allison transmission fluid. Using the wrong fluid for your kind of transmission causes overheating, deficient lubrication, and even transmission failure. It is crucial to choose the correct transmission fluid. 

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF), used on automatic transmissions, allows you to flush your fluid every 60,000-100,000 miles (in perfect conditions all the time) rather than the standard 30,000 for manual transmissions. However, we recommend getting a fluid flush every 60,000 miles due to the effects of harsh driving and everyday weather conditions on your transmission. 

Fluid Change vs. Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid lubricates the parts of the Allison transmission, cooling them so that they don’t overheat. Transmission fluid temperatures are important to keep in mind because your transmission overheating can lead to operational failure.

We recommend a fluid change for an automatic transmission every 30,000 miles. Fluid changes involve draining and replacing the fluid. This works well and is slightly cheaper than a fluid flush; however, it doesn’t completely clean the system and still leaves behind contaminant buildup previously there. This replacement uses roughly four or five quarts of transmission fluid.
We recommend a complete fluid flush every 60,000 miles. A fluid flush involves completely flushing old transmission fluid out and pumping out all built-up contaminants and grime before adding any new fluid. Flushing your transmission fluid will have your transmission running at its highest level.

A fluid flush is a little more expensive than a fluid change, but overall, it is more cost-effective, as your transmission will run more efficiently.

Brand new transmission fluid is bright red. Over time, your transmission system heats and foreign particles, grime, and contaminants enter the system. If your transmission fluid looks deep red, brown, or almost black, then it’s time for either a fluid change or flush.

If you’re ever unsure of which service you need, give us a call and we can come out, assess your needs, and take care of it.

Other Ways To Care for Your Transmission

A transmission should last at least 100,000 miles with proper care and upkeep. Aside from regular transmission maintenance and fluid flushes, a few other ways you can help your transmission include:

When your car is moving, do not shift gears (you will possibly hear a grinding sound if you do)
Do not “ride your brakes” (i.e., continuously brake), which wears on the transmission
Always allow your engine time to warm up before driving, especially in the winter, to allow time for the fluids to properly lubricate the moving parts
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